Turn off pre-approval setting when installing application

Hi all, our app has been recently published and we seem to have run into this issue where there is a message: You cannot authorize the app. This app requires your pre-approval. There is a very similar thread about this at How can I turn off `pre-approval` setting in Application level?
but it didn’t seem to work for us. Our app a user-managed app and we still get the preapproval button on the page so the question is, is it possible turn that off, as in not have that as a step to install as a user? And if so, could I get some detailed instructions on how to do that?

Thank you!

You cannot authorize the app. This app requires your pre-approval

Which App?
STAR Balance: https://marketplace.zoom.us/apps/9DxLi5mVQ_iwBKJ67m0yRA

Screenshots (If applicable)

Hey @starzoom,

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To turn off the Pre Approval setting, have a Zoom admin or Zoom user who has access to the marketplace, navigate to https://marketplace.zoom.us/user/permissions, and turn off the Pre Approval setting:

You can find additional info here:


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