How many webinar I can create with plan $40?

I want to build a Cosplay social network. Currently, my system has more 100k users

Roles in my system: Admin, Creator, and Fan

My system has a lot of Creator who posts their image on my system and takes likes or following.

A creator can organize a Webinar and sell tickets, their Fan will buy a ticket and joins Webinar.

I want to use my Zoom account, Admin will create all webinar for Creator ( Creator a co-host ), Creator and their Fan do not need a zoom account to joins Webinar. After the Webinar end, my system will be auto-recording Video calls to the cloud.

I’m not sure what account I need, I see you have an account called Master Account. What’s it?

Currently, I want to experiment with this function for about 30-50 Creator and 100 Attendees on each Webinar. If it works well, I will apply it for more Creator and Attendee.

All webinars created through my zoom account. ( is it possible? )

Anyone help me choose correct Plan for my business. Thank you so much!!!

Hey @nhat.nguyen,

This is possible. You will just need a Pro or higher account with the webinar add on.

The only catch is if you need to have multiple webinars running at the same time, they will have to be hosted by multiple users on your account.


@tommy Thank you so much for your suggestion. I integrated zoom API to my application success.

I want to save meeting recordings on the cloud.

  • How much storage space? Do you have pricing to buy more storage?
  • Can I change storage space to Amazon S3?

@tommy. I need your confirmation for the response to my Client.

Thank you for support

Hey @nhat.nguyen,

You can see pricing for Cloud Recording here:

As for using AWS S3 for storage, you can do this by integrating with the Recording Completed Webhook to upload recordings to S3, then once uploaded, you can delete the Zoom recording.


@tommy cool thank you so much

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You are welcome! :slight_smile:


Hi @tommy

  • How I can limit attendee when creating Meeting through Meeting API?
  • How I allow the host to only can join in 10 minutes before the start the meeting?

Hey @nhat.nguyen,

Please post unrelated questions in a new topic.


@tommy tks you. I created 2 topics. :smiley:

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Thanks @nhat.nguyen! I will reply to you in your new topics. :slight_smile:


Hi @tommy,

How can be a recording be uploaded to AWS S3 using zoom recording download URL? I dont see a way to do it using URL. Do you have an example where from zoom recording download URL it is directly uploaded to S3 bucket?

Kuldeep Kumar.

Hi @kuldeek

  • U must use download_token and download recording first before upload it to S3

Hey @kuldeek,

Checkout my post here:

Like @nhat.nguyen said, you can use the download_url and upload it to AWS S3.