How to create zoom meeting auto start when enter url meeting

  • I need create meeting zoom url auto start when user enter url. My customer not advance technology.

Hey @ngoctl,

Are you trying to start an instant meeting or schedule a meeting?

When you say “when user enter url” does that mean when the user go to the join / start Zoom meeting url?

The host (has to be logged in) can auto start a meeting by going to this url:


Hey @tommy
I try follow your comment. But instant meeting not auto start. I don’t want click to Button “Start Video”.Beside when integrate zoom with iframe on mobile reponse, Button “Start Video” has been hidden, why ???


Hi @ngoctl,

Within your Zoom Client Settings, can you please make sure that the following setting is not selected?

You also need to confirm within your you need to enable these two options to turn on the host video and the participant video:

Let me know if this helps!


Hi @Ojus . Two options are available

I using “” with iframe on angular 7, is not “Zoom Client Application”.

Hi @Ojus,
I turned on two options “Host Video” and “Participants Video” on zoom portal admin page setting.
But, I don’t see “Zoom Client Settings” section on zoom portal admin page. Please help me the way to this setting section.
Thanks and Best Regards,

HI @tommy @Ojus . I need an answer for isssue hidden button “start video” when start enter url on brower on iphone. I’m afraid that we will stop using your product if the issue cannot be fixed ASAP. Your prompt reply would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @ngoctl,

For enabling video on Zoom Client Settings: