How to get info about future (not past/live) meeting by uuid?

Hi, guys!
I use GET report/upcoming_events
Then I can see meeting UUID. Smth like this UKzqwert5+UTrj1111oLg==

I need to get the meeting ID? How can I do this?

Hi @Maks ,

Check out this guide on understanding meeting ID vs. uuid to confirm this is what you’re looking for:

Thank you, @gianni.zoom . I read it and understand the difference between ID and UUID, but that title doesn’t anwer my question.
I have a few UUIDs and want to know their IDs. Which API method should I use to get the IDs?

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@Maks Hope you will be fine.

You have only way to get list of meetings and then apply filter on that. Here is the endpoint /users/{userId}/meetings.

E.g → JavaScript

let filteredMeetingsIDs=listOfMeetings.filter(meeting=>yourMeetingUUIDs.includes(meeting.uuid)).map(meeting=>;

Hope that answers.

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Thank you, @freelancer.nak
So I have to get all account users “GET /v2/users”
Then fore each user use “GET /users/{userId}/meetings”
Then match all the users meetings and report/upcoming_events by uuid.

Maybe you know how to get participants/attendees for scheduled meetings in the future (not pas/live events)? I asked before, but nobode answered.

:point_up_2: You need to request → /meetings/{meetingId}/registrants.

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Hi @Maks ,

This answer is correct.

Take note of the available query parameters you can use as well.