How to let user accounts (standard member in roles) log into/install account-level oauth?

Hi all,

We have an account-level oauth app created with certain admin scopes. We would like user accounts to be able to login. Then, we would use their created access token to use the zoom API (hopefully with the admin scopes of the oauth app).

However, when a standard user logs into the oauth app, they are met with “You cannot authorize this app because you don’t have the required permissions”:

We went to manage user groups here but all the users of our organization that we would like to be logged into are the standard member role, which we cannot edit permissions as this thread here suggested.

Is there a solution to our situation? We would prefer to not use JWT, but if that’s the only way for our use case please let us know!

Thank you

Hi @Jman,

Thanks for reaching out about this.

To clarify, an Account Level OAuth App can only be installed by an Account Admin or Owner . A standard user (member) under an account will not be able to install an account level app on behalf of themselves or the account.

If you wish for standard users to be able to install an app, you will need to create a User Level app:

Let me know if this helps to clarify.


Hi Will,

Thank you! User level apps don’t have the scopes we need though for the oauth app (admin scopes). Is there a solution to that?

Hi @Jman,

I’m afraid not—you will need to choose the account level app type to access admin scopes. If you wish for individual users to be able to install an app, a user level app with user level scopes will be necessary.

Thank you,

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