Inconsistent Video scaling in Zoom Meeting SDK for Web 3.1.6


I am currently using the Zoom Meeting SDK for Web, version 3.1.6, and I have noticed inconsistent video behavior across different devices. Specifically, the video appears zoomed-in on some computers/cameras, while on others it appears zoomed-out, compared to the native Zoom or camera settings application. I have attached screenshots to illustrate the issue.!Ag8qK9K3E-3AgZ5zrWhRohXQw2QHkQ?e=4IiWwv!Ag8qK9K3E-3AgZ5xpvZqaL-aqSPvlw?e=LO1tqP

Below is the initialization code I am using:

    leaveUrl: meetingData.leaveUrl,
    defaultView: 'gallery',
    enableHD: true,
    //enableFullHD: true,
    success: (success) => {
        console.log('Initialization successful:', success);
            signature: meetingData.signature,
            sdkKey: meetingData.sdkKey,
            meetingNumber: meetingData.meetingNumber,
            passWord: meetingData.passcode,
            userName: meetingData.userName,
            userEmail: meetingData.userEmail,
            tk: meetingData.registrantToken,
            zak: meetingData.zakToken,
            success: (joinSuccess) => {
                console.log('Join successful:', joinSuccess);
            error: (joinError) => {
                console.error('Error joining the meeting:', joinError);
    error: (initError) => {
        console.error('Error initializing the meeting:', initError);

Could you please help identify why this discrepancy in video scaling occurs and suggest any settings or preferences that could be adjusted to achieve a consistent video display across all devices?

Thank you.

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