InMeetingBOController - IBOAdmin canStartBO() is false and cannot start the bo session

I was trying to use the IBOAdmin & IBOCreator to create breakout rooms and start meetings. When I assign host privilege to my app developed using Android SDK, I do receive the onHasAdminRightsNotification & onHasCreatorRightsNotifications hence I should be able to use the app to create and start breakout rooms.

However, when I try to call the canStartBO() function of IBOAdmin, the returned result is always false. Also, the breakout room session is not started correctly as well.

I used an email login for my app (with basic Zoom plan), not sure whether this is the reason for not being able to start the breakout room session. Any clue regarding the potential cause of this issue? Many thanks.

Which version?
Android SDK v5.0.24433.0616

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Android Emulator - Pixel 3 API 28

Hi @peter.chen,

Thanks for the post. If you are getting false from canStartBO(), it is possible that your account does not support breakout room or the breakout room feature on your account is not enabled. You may refer to the instruction here to enable the feature:


Hi @Carson_Chen,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I can confirm that my account has enabled breakout room features as the following picture shows:

Any idea what is the potential reason for getting false from canStartBO() then? Although my account is in a basic plan, I have tested that the breakout room feature is supported when I trying to start a meeting on my desktop client.


Hi @peter.chen,

Thanks for the reply. Hmm…this is strange. BTW, are you using Zoom default UI or Custom UI? The BO related interfaces are for the Custom UI?


Hi @Carson_Chen,

I am using the Zoom default UI. Do I have to use the Custom UI to make it working? Since I think I am able to use the createBO() function from IBOCreator to create breakout rooms.

Here are some logs for my code. Basically the user has logged in using email/pwd, and one breakout room has been created successfully. But when I try to call startBO() or canStartBO(), the returned result is always false.

2020-07-14 11:27:15.060 1000-1000/us.zoom.sdkexample I/BreakoutRoom Listener: **onHasAdminRightsNotification: false**
2020-07-14 11:27:15.061 1000-1000/us.zoom.sdkexample I/BreakoutRoom Listener: **onHasCreatorRightsNotification: Has Creator Rights...**
2020-07-14 11:27:15.065 1000-1000/us.zoom.sdkexample I/BreakoutRoom Listener: Start BO Status: false
2020-07-14 11:27:15.066 1000-1000/us.zoom.sdkexample I/BreakoutRoom Listener: **Logged In: True**
2020-07-14 11:27:15.066 1000-1000/us.zoom.sdkexample I/BreakoutRoom Listener: **BO: 0ACE8291-F015-4A13-857D-1470FA57D5D6, Breakout Room 1**

Not sure whether these logs are helpful, but many thanks in advance for your reply!

Kind regards,

Some extra information from my end… So when I use the Android emulator for debugging, it seems that after executing createBO(), I am able to get access to the breakout rooms that I created through the SDK. Also, if I click Open All BO from the UI, the breakout rooms can start successfully. But still, if I try to execute the code to start the breakout room, false will be returned.