Integrated Zoom Web SDK - No In/out audio on Chrome browser

Zoom Web SDK is integrated to a a custom-built LMS, and is hosted on shared hosting provider. Video is working fine (although lags at times) but there is no incoming/outgoing audio for both host and participants. Browser used is Chrome.

We then tested with the Host using the Zoom Desktop App while the participants koins the meeting from the integrated zoom in the LMS. With this set-up, incoming and outgoing audio works on both end-points but participants audio is staticky/lagging/breaks up most of the time. Connection wise, host has 25 Mbps speed while participants have a minimum of 10 Mbps.

Is this issue related to the hosting? If yes, what is the requirement for hosting for integrated Zoom SWeb SDK to perform well especially its audio?

If not hosting related, what could be the cause of the issue? Any solution recommendation?

Much appreciate the help.

Hey @eskwela,

Have you tried the CDN option of loading the Web SDK?