Invalid Signature with Sample Web App

Hey @iamvenom95 ,

Please share your meeting signature for a test meeting with the issue so we can debug further. :slight_smile:


Hello Ojus

I am getting same error like Signature is invalid.

Meeting number :

Hey @hardikm7584 ,

Can you please share your Web SDK signature for a test meeting so we can help you debug it?


@tommy Hello, I have a question regarding the invalid signature issue.
If i generated a zoom meeting using someones account, and then tried to join the meeting using the api keys of another account, will it work ? Because I keep getting invalid signature error

Hi @akram.abdelnasser201,

The Web SDK signature will need to utilize credentials that are associated with the JWT app of the host account. If you attempt to authenticate your signature using credentials from another account, you will receive this error. If you’d like to share your signature, I’m happy to confirm this is the case!


Hi @tommy ,

I’m using zoom-meeting-1.9.0.min.js. And I’ve followed the function in here too

I got the Invalid Signature

here is my signature can you check it invalid or not please.


Hi there,

I am also having an issue with joining a meeting. I am getting errorCode 3713 with message “No permission”. I used the cdn version of zoom. I am generating the signature server-side and then redirect to meeting.html with the params passed in the url. From what I can tell the js in meeting.html seems to parse everything from the url, so I guess that is still a valid way to do this? Can you help debug this please?

Hey @tashows,

Make sure that you’re following our steps on generating a signature. If you’re not able to spot any issues with that, you can also use our Sample Web App.

If neither of those options help, please send an email to with the signature that you’re using and we’ll assist you from there.