Invalid Signature with Sample Web App

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@tommy Hello sir i am facing a signature invalid error with JWT zoom integrations in react js

Even i am facing the same issue - “Signature is invalid”. i tried this using mostly with all latest version like- 2.18.2, 2.18.0 and 2.17.0

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@sumeet.max2215 Hope you will be fine.

Please watch the session from here on how you can generate the signature.

I am getting signature invalid for some users and for some it is working fine. My token and its values are perfectly fine.
Can anyone please help me with this issue, this is my ticket :


Are you still having signatures invalid for some users?

@donte.zoom Yes, Also apart from this we are having issues with audio sometime not coming, sometime microphone we have exact same code as your sample app has no other difference. But we are facing multiple issues I am really looking forward if we can come over a meet or zoom meeting for atleast the token issue.

I have already shared the details on private chat with @gianni.zoom but no response from anyone. It will be very helpful if you guys can help with this issue.


For the audio issue, please update to the latest SDK as many issues have been fixed in the latest version.

For the token issue, I recommend first testing our sample authorization app. This app will generate a working token that you can hardcode to see if the SDK will work. If it works, then the issue lies in how you’re generating your token. You can reference the sample app to correct your implementation. You can also use to decode your token and identify potential issues.

Sample SDK authorization app

Hi @donte.zoom I have checked with all the required parameter and the timing is perfect. Also the token that I am generating is exact same implementation as yours. Also it is not coming for every user it is coming for some users. also I am currently using version 2.17.0.

But after a little bit debug with the customer their time was different after fixing time(Computer’s time) at their end it was working fine. But what I want to ask is does zoom sdk checks time at the browser as we are generating our time at the server (iat and token expiry) ?

Indeed, @yashkalra088, I’ve seen the computer’s time affect the SDK signature before. For reference, here is a useful blog that highlights this case: