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This is to follow up on Browser (Chrome, Safari) in iPhone cannot join in Audio? Slow Video also?, which was automatically closed. As of April 26th, the AudioWorklet support in Safari mentioned in previous tickets has now been released to generally-available releases in Safari 14.1 for macOS, and iOS 14.5. See the corresponding caniuse features for reference: Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc.

Personally I was able to test SDK version 1.9.1 in Safari 14.1 on Big Sur and can confirm “Join audio” was available as an option, and seemed to work as expected.

Now I’d like to know more about what might still be missing for Zoom to officially support “Join Computer Audio”? Is this actively being worked on – and should we expect a documentation update only, or a new release with code changes might be needed.

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Greetings, @thibaud.colas,

Thank you for posting in the Developer Forum. You’re right, the AudioWorklet is supported in Safari. We are actively testing the audio quality and currently don’t have a timeline yet. Once the audio quality testing is completed, we will release it. Be sure to follow our release log and blog for the latest news, updates, and fixes.

Many thanks for being a part of the Zoom Developer Forum Community— we are thrilled you’re here!


Hi @donte.zoom, thank you for the extra info! I’m looking forward to the results from this testing.

For releases – can you share more information about your release cadence that would allow me to plan accordingly? In particular if you make releases on a regular basis it would be very helpful for me to know when the next few ones might be so I can take this into account as part of considering the web client SDK for my project.



Hey @thibaud.colas,

When it comes to the Web SDK, we release 1 - 2 new updates each month. We often release an update at the beginning of the month and at the end of the month for a variety of our products. This can vary each month though.

I hope that helps!


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