Jwt Token Creation for Admin Level Account To Change Host of Meeting

Here in link, zoom staff specified that

When using JWT, the API should know which user is trying to change the host and can make sure they have “schedule for” privilege

But how to add username or admin account in jwt token so that we can change host of existing meetings using Rest API ?

Is there any way to specify that things, due to permission issue not able to change host of existing meetings

Hi @brijeshnp ,

Happy to help! You wouldn’t add the username or admin account to the JWT token. You have to assign the schedule for permission to the user. Then that user can use the JWT token in the API request to schedule a meeting for another user or to schedule a meeting with a co-host.

This article describes how to set up that privilege: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362803-Scheduling-privilege#h_a9476921-e417-4d02-bf62-7bc96554f9a4

The other links I shared in your other post are helpful here too :slight_smile:


Is it possible, to assign the schedule for permission to the user via api. What is name of that api ?

Just answered you here @brijeshnp:


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