1 会議作成時に契約数を超えるとエラーとなる
2 会議作成は可能だが、接続時に契約数を超えるとエラーとなる

Hi @ymatsum2,

Thanks for reaching out about this—I hope my response in English is OK!

To clarify, JWT apps are account wide and a JWT app’s credentials are used for authenticating requests to our APIs and our Web SDK.

A JWT app itself will not directly affect whether or not you can hold simultaneous meetings.

Regarding your question of which point is more accurate in terms of simultaneous meetings and licenses:

1 会議作成時に契約数を超えるとエラーとなる
2 会議作成は可能だが、接続時に契約数を超えるとエラーとなる

Point 2 would be more accurate — you will be able to create a meeting scheduled for the same time as another meeting, and you will not run into an error. However, you will run into an error if you try to host these two meetings at the same time, if they belong to the same host. If the meetings belong to separate hosts, you will not run into an error.

I hope this helps to clarify! If this is unclear, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at developersupport@zoom.us, and we can make sure to clear this up.


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