Login is required to see a document about "Meeting Bot"

Hello Team,

Thank you for your announcement about Zoom Apps SDK launch!

I’m reading the blog post below and I’m interested in Meeting Bot.
blog post

However, login is required when I click the link below even though I already login to the marketplace.
Meeting Bot

Can I need a special account to see the document?

Thank you for your help!

Thanks Sanae. Looks like you’re looking at the docs for the platform beta program. Docs are available here: Zoom Developer Docs

Thank you for your reply.
I know I can see the docs here:Overview of Zoom Apps

I’m interested in Meeting bot in Zoom Apps, which seems to be referred here:Meeting bot
How can I see the docs of the platform beta program?

Thank you!

Hi Sanae and thanks! You shouldn’t need to see the beta docs - they are effectively deprecated now, becase we have the Zoom Developer Docs! (see my link above). I was just looking at the url in your original post - your ‘Meeting Bot’ link url is for the outdated beta docs. I hope that helps!

Thank you for your quick response! I appreciate it.

I understand the beta docs are outdated and I don’t need to see them.

In that case, I have another question. In Zoom Apps, is there any way to create a meeting recording bot?
There is a Q&A regarding it. A developer questioned about the way to create a meeting recording bot and Zoom staff mentioned that a new feature Zoom Apps will be released soon.
Creating a meeting recording bot

I’m researching the way to create a meeting recording bot. If you have any advise, please let me know.

Thank you!

@sanae.sometaya You can find the document on meeting bots here.

I’ve also added it back to that article. Let me know if that helps.

Thank you! This document is very helpful:)

I have one more question.

Are there any other raw data Meeting bot can obtain except raw audio data and raw video data? Especially, we are interested in real-time data that “who is speaking now”.

I appreciate your help!

@sanae.sometaya Awesome! I’m glad to hear that was useful.

Try using the onActiveSpeakerChange event to determine the current speaker.

Thank you for your quick and helpful response!

I have a few more questions for meeting bots.

This link Window Raw Data (zoom.us) said like below and that confuses me.
Note that local recording is disabled when raw data recording is enabled.
## Prerequisites
-Local recording permission for the current user

  1. Are local recordings required?
    When we use meeting bots, should we use local recordings? In our company, we use only cloud recordings and the setting of local recordings is disable at account level. In that case, we can’t use meeting bots?

  2. Are local or cloud recordings stored after the meeting?
    When we access raw recording data using meeting bots, can we still get local or cloud recording data after the meeting?

Thank you for your clarification!