LTI Pro: Expose link between meeting ID and LMS course for editing

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If a meeting ID should no longer be visible to the students in the course but is still needed outside of the course (and scheduling a new meeting ID is not a viable option), there should be an option to unlink the meeting ID from the course.

Also, it would very useful to us if we could link an existing meeting ID to an LMS course through the API.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
The only way to remove a meeting ID from an LMS course is to delete that meeting ID. This is not ideal as that meeting ID may also be used outside of the LMS course.

Additional context
An instructor accidentally imports the wrong recurring meeting ID but still needs that meeting ID outside of the LMS. Now all students in the course can see that meeting ID, and there does not appear to be a way to stop that from happening other than by deleting the affected meeting.


This capability would be great to have for those of us who are currently transitioning between LMSs.

Hi @AVJeff

Any update for this requirement? It’s necessary.


I haven’t heard anything on this. Still waiting on Zoom to implement.
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Any updates on it? I think there is new normal for user create Zoom meeting via LMS integration, this, the link an existing meeting ID to an LMS course via API endpoint can assist IT to enhance user experience.

Hi @ittraine

In Canvas LMS/ZOOM LTI PRO, the option was implemented.


Thanks, and actually I am looking for meeting info that can retrieve from api endpoint; link up the canvas course id and Zoom meeting ID, thus, we know how Zoom meetings are using for learning and teaching.