Meeting Disconnected trying to reconnect

After the host admits the connection you get the message: Meeting Disconnected trying to reconnect …

Then: Your connection has timed out and you cannot join the meeting. Verify your network connectivity and try again.

When I click on retry I enter the meeting data again and connect without error. Any suggestion to fix it?

Note: I have already upgraded to 1.7.4

Hi @hernandezbg,

This is apart of an ongoing issue with the Meeting IDs, we have posted info here Developer impacting changes during COVID-19 and will follow up as soon as Engineering is able to resolve the issue.


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Any update on this? I am still receiving the same error…

Right Side - Meeting Host (after meeting created using REST API, start_url loaded in an iframe )
Left Side - Attendee joined the same meeting using Javascript Web SDK.

When the attendee joined using Web SDK, Meeting Host clicked on the “Admit” button to admit that attendee in meeting…
And this happened

hi, any updates on this. I am getting the same issue on 19th April 2020

Hey @paarth29,

Make sure you are using the latest Web SDK, version 1.7.6.