Meetings sdk no longer joining after I swap API credentials

Meetings SDK for web component view 3.1.0

I am using the zoom meetings sdk and the api, currently I create a meeting via the api (OAuth 2.0 server-server) which successfully creates a meeting, then I use the sdk to init, and join the session which successfully works. The problem is I now need to switch the credentials for the API to a different account, when I do that I create the meeting successfully but then I get an error joining the sdk ‘invalid signature’, when I look at the payload it matches perfectly to the response from the API, I put back in my old credentials and it works, anyone know why this could be happening? I’m trying to switch from my personal account to company account so I can test cloud recording

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Are there additional error codes which comes with the “invalid signature” error?

Hi, @chunsiong.zoom no additional error codes, just: 1. {type: ‘JOIN_MEETING_FAILED’, reason: ‘Signature is invalid.’, errorCode: 3712}

  1. errorCode: 3712
  2. reason: “Signature is invalid.”

This is how I create the meetings:

public (HttpStatusCode, string) CreateZoomMeeting(string userId, string meetingTopic, int duration)
var client = new RestClient($“{userId}/meetings”);
var request = new RestRequest();
request.Method = Method.Post;

request.AddHeader("Authorization", $"Bearer {_accessToken}");
request.AddHeader("Content-Type", "application/json");

var meetingDetails = new
    topic = meetingTopic,
    type = 2,
    duration = duration,
    settings = new { join_before_host = true }

    var response = client.Execute(request);
    return (response.StatusCode, response.Content);
catch (Exception ex)
    return (HttpStatusCode.InternalServerError, ex.Message);


I have also tried type 1 meetings where they aren’t scheduled and get the same response, I can only think that there is something in the api accounts settings that is blocking my sdk joining? If I swap the credentials(sdk key/secret/accountId) for my own personal account it works fine, this is an OAuth 2.0 server-server account I use to create the meeting, the meeting is still created either way I just cant get the meetings sdk to connect to it, and the ‘invalid signature’ after being decoded on jwt io matches the credentials of the created meeting via the API, cant see any changes in any steps of the logic and outcome when I compare it to my working old API account credentials

@seb ,

can you share a sample of your token used to auth your meeting sdk?