Missing granular scopes on app management

REST API endpoints
/report/chat/sessions → report:read:list_chat_sessions:admin
/contacts → contact:read:list_contacts:admin
/chat/users/me/contacts/{identifier} → team_chat:read:contact
/chat/emoji → team_chat:read:list_custom_emojis:admin
/rooms → room:read:admin
/calendars/users/{userIdentifier}/calendarList → calendar:read:list_calendar_lists
/scheduler/users/{userId} → scheduler:read:user:admin
/v2/chat/messages/bookmarks → team_chat:read:list_bookmarks
/sip_phones-> sip_phone:read:admin

It seems there are some endpoints that required scopes that don’t exists on “app management” scopes page.

How To Reproduce

1. Crate the zoom app

  • On marketplace : Develop > Build App

2. Add scope

  • Try adding one of the above scopes to the app by going in Manage > “Name of you app” > Scopes > “+ Add scopes”

3. Any errors

  • No errors, but scope can’t be found

Hi @boutique1 ,

The scopes are handled by different API teams but I am inquiring for you to get insight into as many as possible. Waiting for a response.

Hi @gianni.zoom ,
Sure I’ll be waiting on your reply.
Just another thing, the endpoint /emails/mailboxes/{email}/settings/filters is asking for scope mail:read (which doesn’t exist on scopes page) instead of the new granular scope email:read:list_setting_filters.

And, maybe not related with scopes, the endpoint /emails/mailboxes/{email}/profile from the Zoom Mail API, keeps returning : 401-{"code":401, "message":"Autherization Failure"}. Even tho I have the Authorization token and the required scope email:read:profile:admin.