Mute participants upon entry

I noticed in the Zoom web client, there is an option to mute the participants before entry.  Is there an option to do this in the Zoom API?  I tried 

'option\_mute\_upon\_entry' =\> true

but that did not work.

Hi Greg,


I don’t see 


as an option. Also don’t see the option in webclient…

It’s highlighted in the screenshot below, under Meeting Options.  I was guessing at the API name since I didn’t see it in the API documentation, but it’s showing for me in the web client.


Ahh, by webclient, you meant website (because there is a webclient sdk ;))


I see it now, looks like this is a newer setting and wasn’t added to the API. I don’t believe it will get added to v1 with v2 coming soon



I see it in v2 #preview [preview docs, not final]