Need help Zoom error message This recording does not exist. (3,301)

Hello I need help. I recorded a zoom using the cloud and I received an email about the link to share and see it on the website. However, I cant download or view the video. It just gives me the error message 3301.

I have plenty of storage on the cloud because I never use it. This is the first time I have saved a video there.

I also don’t know what a UUID is and am not sure how that can help me. If someone can help that would be great. I am not super familiar with computers so please act like I am ten when explaining.

Hi @Agilliam, thanks for using Zoom.

This appears to be a question regarding the Zoom client. This forum is meant only to assist developers who are integrating our SDKs into their own applications. For help with the Zoom client, please visit our general support page. :slightly_smiling_face: