Need meeting graph & metric explanation



Users reported us audio problems within a specific meeting some time ago.
We identified a problem on the host side, using a Chrome box with low CPU specifications.

I would like you (Zoom engineers) to provide us some details about what we see on the meeting console dashboard, and how these data are provided.


Looking at the audio metrics from the host side

I would like to focus on the sending part only, because we could explain the receiving part by correlating the other participant actions.

For the sending part:

  • it’s not obvious on that screen, the sending data are supposed to work for about 20 minutes.
  • The first 4 minutes, the bitrate is very low. This is due to CPU issue.
  • But after 4 minutes only the audio metrics & graph stopped.

I want to understand better why there are no more metrics after 4 minutes on the sending part.
My questions are:

  • Could you please explain / provide a schema about how the metrics seen here are sent to Zoom ? Is it the Web SDK (async data sent separately) or is it from the server (introspection) ?
  • Why and depending on answer for first question, what would be the cause of not having data anymore ?

Hey @nvivot,

Thanks for sharing your questions. Let me collect this info and get back to you. (CS-2363)


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