NewTek NDI Input & Output

NDI is must. Microsoft Teams enabled NDI. Zoom has to do the same thing


@tommy and all zoom team… please see this poll and thread!

I would just like to keep this request alive; NDI output of each Zoom participant would be huge for me as an AV professional.


agree with you. let’s mantain active so that the zoom team constantly see this request on top


I am looking forward to this opportunity. I have regular tasks to broadcast events from zoom and have tried different ways of broadcasting individual participants. NDI is the most convenient way to receive a stream over a local network, for me as a specialist in the field of television production and video making.

@michael.harrington need answers please

They said they would start developing the plugin after the 90-day plan. Have they started to develop yet?

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Donkey: “Are we there yet?” Zoom: “Yes! No!”

Please we need this really now

Adding my voice to this. Using TC 2 Elite for now which is close, but NDI is really essential at this stage

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