NewTek NDI Input & Output

I would love to see this. Zoom needs to implement this if they want to be used by the streaming community. Nothing more frustrating than composing your OBS screen to a Zoom window and have the window accidentally get resized. Not to mention always having to make sure the participants you want to focus on in OBS are in the same positions in Zoom. Spotlighting is a click nightmare. What a pain!

This is why I recommend Skype until Zoom gives us this feature.

+1 for NDI integration

We use zoom as a production tool to bring remote speakers into online events and live studio broadcasts. We use Zoom Rooms to have 3 outputs with individual speakers. It would be extremely helpful to have ndi outputs of all speakers, the gallery, and screen sharing.

Any update on this last word was within 90 days and that almost 180 days ago now!!


+1 for NDI integration

Please give us a small timeline update/statement for the NDI Feature.


first, we want to thank you for all you effort

Sorry, but you announced this support months ago saying that would have come after other major updates (and marked your post as SOLUTION to this issue… as that you implemented yet)

When the 90 day plan exactly started? Is not finished yet so that we can count that you now approaching this request?
We would appreciate if you could tell us more about NDI support



Any TBA to NDI support?


I’m also interested in NDI support. Currently primarily to manipulate remote video (e.g. of a co-host).

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Come on, lets have an update please. This should be Priority. A Massive letdown that this is not yet available

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Where did you see that?

Bad info, it was Teams, and they obviously already rolled it out

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Anything yet? Are we waiting for NDI support or should we think about platform switch?


I hear many tech companies are delayed when it comes to new changes or giving a response to a problem because of covid. I’ve been in IT for over 20 years, and last I remember working behind a keyboard can be done via VPN at home. I’m not saying that is the case here.

With such an outcry, one would think that this would be something to give the people.

My 2cents

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I can definitely say that if another videoconference platform (Eg.: Teams) launches NDI support, my company has a very high chance of migrating to them.

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ANOTHER +1 for this! I’d love to switch all my production over to ZOOM with NDI out. With the other features that ZOOM offers, such as a virtual background it would help me out a TON with my remote guests who need a green screen but don’t have one.

With the lack of NDI support the production company I work for have started to lean away from this platform as the spotlight function is way to clicky. Even simple shortcuts would help this in the mean time.

We have started implementing SRT. The video quality is far superior to Zoom.

Zoom pick up your game.

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Must have NDI and downstream keying. Must.

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Hi, you said you started to use “SRT” instead; may you please what exactly that is and what you found as a good alternative to Zoom (until we wait for NDI to be finally added)? Thank you. :+1:

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Hey SRT stands for Secure Reliable Transport. The end user needs to install an app on their phone (we use Larix Broadcaster). They then scan a QR code that we have set up which points the app to the correct ip address. We then use the SRT function in vMix to receive that call. The quality is as good as the end users internet connection. We have reliably used 1080p on numerous occasions.

The only down side is that is is a 1 way communication. To communicate with the user we set up a zoom meeting but only use this as comms and not the broadcast.

Works really well as phone cameras these days or normally much better then laptop/webcams.

Good luck.

Friends! I found a solution how to use NDI with ZOOM, you just need to go to the Zoom conference inside Skype

In the search bar enter: and click ‘call’

roomid - conference number
pass - access code

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I was already excited, but I was sad because as I only have a paid account member, I cannot activate the function of allowing Skype users to join the meeting. Still thank you for helping us!