NewTek NDI Input & Output

You don’t need an additional license. The conference can be created and managed by this separate standard Zoom client, as well as see the streams via NDI, via a Skype account that will be connected to the same conference. I hope I could explain it clearly.

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I didn’t understand kkkkk. I need to activate the function for Skype users to be able to login, right? When I try to log in, a message appears that the lync service (Skype) is not enabled. I just can’t activate it because I’m just a member of the account. If you can explain better thank you!

You’re right! I was wrong. Need a license with the ability to add lync
as in the manual

This method is listed on the official source as a feature in Skype for Business but it also works in the regular Skype app

Sorry that’s right, you need the ability to connect to Lync

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I tested it here, but you can’t capture each participant individually :frowning:

Not sure if Zoom check this thread but I join my voice to everyone here. Zoom is the most amazing visioconf software and I have seen a lot of usefull new features recently (specially for those relative to music/audio purpose) but NDI output support is maybe the one I am waiting for really long time and the one that can really make the difference with Teams and Skype. Even if it would be limited to one or two NDI output to be specified among the participants…

For the moment I’ve found a little “trick” by using a second Zoom instance in a Virtual Machine and catch a full screen of a pinned participant in OBS (something such as here : but that doesn’t work if the host account needs to promote OBS output virtualCam as the one to be shown everywhere.

Please Zoom, think about the benefit and revolution of a such feature !

several months have passed and we still do not see that update to be able to have the camera of each guest separately through the NDI systems


We can not let this thread be closed until we have the resource available!

Zoom, listen to their consumers.

+1 need update on this or at least some type of response that it’s being worked on…

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Adding to the chorus…in my position as a synagogue rabbi, NDI support would expand our programming capabilities significantly. Please update us. Thanks!