NewTek NDI Input & Output

We are also just moving over to teams for all professional products. Just waiting for native Apple M1 Support in Teams for final move. The ignorance is unbelievable.


Would love to see NDI support built-in to Zoom and made available across all account types (or at least paid accounts).

At the risk of hijacking the thread… does anyone know of a better solution for connecting OBS to Zoom. I’m currently using the OBS-NDI plugin and the NDI Webcam Input. Then within Zoom, I select the NewTek NDI Audio and NewTek NDI Video inputs respectively as the microphone and camera.

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Does this help?

Thanks for sharing, but most users on this thread are looking for complete built-in NDI Output support, hopefully with isolated views of each participant. For example, a four-user call would have four NDI feeds available, one for each participant (and an extra with the gallery would be excellent). Skype already supports NDI Output natively and we’re looking for a similar feature from Zoom.


Another version released without NDI. Disappointing.

My work account (where i am the zoom administrator) is a corporate account, has support for large meetings (2 accounts with> 1000 participants), I have 10 zoom rooms, 20 zoom phones, 1 webinar account, everything that I said, it has a high cost for the company.

I see that we are abandoned by support and zoom developers without any real word on how much we will have this feature, or at least being able to access any real information about NDI video out support per participant, just as the Microsoft Team already does. .

I absolutely consider switching to Microsoft Teams.


Does anyone know if this has been released or what the status on it is? I saw there was mention by a staff member of a ticket being created for it on the backlog in May 2020, but I can’t find anything in the app yet, so I am assuming that it hasn’t been released yet.


Are we (paid users wanting native NDI in ZOOM) too few for ZOOM to care?
Is it too hard to implement?
Isn’t NewTek interested in helping ZOOM to implement NDI?
Isn’t that a marketing advantage? Why did MS implement that in TEAMS after Skype if that was not important???
Good questions?


I understand that there may be development implications for Zoom integrating NDI Outputs for participants, but a little communication on Zooms part would go a long way.
It’s hard for us to plan our future roadmap as an events organisers when we can’t even get a glimpse of the Zoom Horizon. Currently our only solution is multiple Zoom Pin machines, but this is Energy and Bandwidth Hungry and not particularly responsible from an environmental point of view.
Unified Communications platforms are intended to support remote working to reduce the Carbon Impact of events and business. Help us reduce our carbon impact by a few Kilowatts. Every Little Helps.
I don’t mind if there is a limitation to the number of outputs generated (9 individual, plus screen share, and active speaker would be nice).
One high performance machine doing this function alone is much more efficient than multiple lower powered machines.