Not receiving webhooks from all webinars

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API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)

  • webinar.started
  • webinar.ended
  • recording.completed

I’ve confirmed that webhook validation is working, but I’m still not receiving the above events for some webinars. Is there a way to see if they were ever sent? Here is a sample of some of the webinars that events were not received:


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Hi @chris.ota , if these webhooks should’ve been sent within the last 7 days, we can submit a request to our backend to check what happened. If it has been past 7 days, we will need new webinar ids. Please confirm with me and send your client id and developer email in the private message I am starting with you.

Hi @chris.ota , we are investigating with our service engineering team (ZSEE-112087). I will let you know what they say.

Just followed up with our service engineering team about this.

Thank you. Please let me know what they say.

Hi @chris.ota ,

Looking at the application with client id: 7PPA******Q, they can see two endpoints configured, one for test and one for production. They see the status 401 multiple times for both endpoints. Those errors lead to believe that the webhook was unauthenticated or unauthorized. This typically indicates the Secret Key or verification token used in configuring your webhook isn’t being properly accepted.

I’m inquiring about why some are successful and how to best rectify, but please let me know if you re-set up webhooks and are able to resolve.

That is interesting. Can I see the request for the web hooks that are returning 401?

Hi @chris.ota , I can’t send full details but I’ll share a couple timestamps and corresponding events in our private message.

Just sent a follow up message @chris.ota

Developer was receiving timeouts and 401s for certain webhooks.

Developer shared in response that infrastructure team was doing maintenance on their test environment around that time which could be why there were timeouts. That should be resolved now.

As for the 401s, developer suspected that all webinars giving 401s in webhook response have special character in the title. They think that this special character (long dash) is causing our systems to generate different hashes, which is breaking the webhook verification.

Could be related:

@chris.ota our webhook developers say the encoding is utf-8 and that the special characters shouldn’t affect verification. Are you still experiencing issues?

Hi @chris.ota , following up before closing out. Thanks!

Hi Gianna, I’m still catching up from holiday break. Please keep it open for a bit longer. Thanks!


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