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Hi there,

We are about to update our OAuth app so that it includes new scopes to support the new features we will release on our platform soon. I have a few questions regarding the user re-authorization process that is triggered through the email they will receive.

  1. I understand there is no option to not send this email to users. Is this correct?
  2. Does re-authorization invalidate existing access and refresh tokens?
  3. Is there a webhook we can use to be notified of re-authorizations?

Hi @chrisf

  1. We notify all subscribers when an app they have added gets an UPDATE request approved which contains scope changes. This notification includes the release notes for users that the dev provides as well as our UPDATE transactional email template. We cannot disable it.

  2. Yes reauthorization will invalidate exisiting tokens.

  3. Check this one: Zoom API Events - App

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@ojus.zoom Thanks for the response Ojus! Could you share an example of how this transactional email template looks like? Is it recommended to include a reauth link or instructions for the users in the dev release notes? Or are they already part of the template and will be redundant?

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