On-premise recording convert video

Hi there,

I have on-premise recording in private cloud.
we have two ZC Connector and one recorder.
When we record video sessions the video is stored in the recorder server, but it remains with the following format:
GMTYYYYMMDD-HHMMSS.double_check_to_converter01.zoom and GMTYYYYMMDD-HHMMSS.double_check_to_converter02.zoom.
With what tool can I automatically convert this video if the server is a Linux without a graphical environment and without the zoom client?

Thank you

Hey @sruiz,

Are you asking to change the name of the file?


Hello there. I have the same question. Which conversion app can be used to convert videos before meeting ends.

Thank you.

Hey @RSChon,

What do you mean convert?


Hi Tommy,
During the meeting videos recorded of the meeting are not viewable. They sit in destination folder in “double_click_to_convert” mode. Some of us (some bring basic account holders) are able to click and convert during the meeting. Others (of which there
are Pro account holders) are not. Is there possibly an app that does this conversion which are on the systems that are changing to files into viewable mp4s?



Hey @RSChon,

I am unaware of an app like this.