Recording to Local did not convert, is it lost forever?

The conversion of recording failed/deleted itself immediately and I’m left with a useless to me recording.con file. Is there any way to find my video file? It’s a Local Recording, because my Cloud storage was full. There’s also no “double_click_to_convert” files.

When it finished converting, it opened up the folder for all the files such as the meeting chat and the audio-only file. The only possibility i see is the recording.conf but i can’t do anything with it. Is my recording stuck in there?? The thing is, simultaneously as the folder opened after conversion, there was an immediate flicker of files it happened so fast, like, the mp4 showed up and immediately disappeared in a split second, AND i immediately got a notification from my Google Drive backup that this file has been deleted from the G Cloud because of it being deleted in my Local computer. SO I know that whatever “converted” immediate did delete.

Please help!