Option to disable "You are muted now." Pop-up

The worst part is, you can click the little x to make it go away, but if you have Zoom minimized, it will bring Zoom up and to the foreground. Then you have to minimize Zoom again. SO annoying.

I frequently start meetings several minutes before any attendees arrive, and while I’m doing other things on the computer waiting for them to come, I get the pop up SO frequently. Zoom hears me typing and is like, “By the way, did you mean to exclude the nobody in your meeting from your typing clicks?”

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Another upvote on this. This is a really problematic feature. I am a teacher and sometimes need to wait for students/colleagues to come onto a call late, so while I’m waiting for them and doing some other work on my computer, Zoom is constantly pushing to the front to the desktop. As a result, I am less able to wait for people to join meetings, which should be determined by the educational need not by Zoom’s alert system.

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This is a constant frustration, interferes with screen sharing and leaves ugly artifacts in recordings.

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This has not been looked at since
Dec 2021?

I use this for zooming in sign language and don’t need this pop up!