Other users are not able to see created JWT app on their account

I have a JWT app created in our marketplace account which is visible to me and other accounts which have admin permissions, But the app is not showing up to the users with member role.

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We have an internal JWT app created and it is visible to my account and the other account which have the admin permissions but not to the users with “Member Role”

On Addition the user who created the app also has the admin /owner role

I am mentioning the roles here cause that is the only difference I see here

How To Reproduce

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2. Any errors


Thank you for your question, this is by design, we only allow Admins or custom roles with Marketplace admins to see the list of created apps, a member can only see the list of apps they have created and nothing else. You can use role management to create a custom role for admin level permissions in the marketplace if needed for a specific user.

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