Passing Name in invitation-URL to Zoom-client

we are using a virtuel fairsystem to bring customers an exhibitors together.
The names of the customers are registered in the fairsystem.

If the fairsystems starts Zoom with a link like:
we would like to send the Name of the customer to the Zoomclient. This name will be used in the conference. The customer does not have to enter his name by himself.
Somethink like:
would help. (we need to transfer not only the customer name to Zoom, we have additional information which should to be visible in the Zoomsystem: “DSG10-Thomas”=Name of school-Grade-Name)
Is there a way to combine the fairsystem und Zoom like this?
Thank you for your help

Hi @uniundberuf,

Thanks for sharing your use case. Have you considered requiring registration? If you require registration you can fetch unique join_urls for each participant, which would include their name and details.

Let me know if this helps,

Dear Will, thank you for your answer.
but there are multiple problems:

1.) We are running a virtual fair for 750 students and about 30 exibitors, and from there we start the 30 Zoommeetings.

Ok, I can register the 750 students with your API automatically in Zoom (next year we have 1500 students) and set an easy and common password.
But I do not know if its a good idea, they are younger then 18. Don’t know what the parents will say.

2.) And these young users have to sign on twice when they are using the fairsystem and from there start the Zoomsessions. I want it to be as simple as possible.

That’s why I’m searching for a simple way to get a huge number of users into the 30 Zoomsessions with passing special information (NameOfSchool/Grade/Studentname, e.g. DSG10ThomasRoch) from the fairsystem into their Displayname of the Zoomsession.

The fair system allows me adding information to the invitation link
like: "&uname={%sturcturedInformation%}.

Do you have any idea which you would like to share with me?

Thanks, Will

Hi @uniundberuf,

Thanks for clarifying your use case. I can appreciate how registration may not really be feasible in your situation. (Though if you were to consider this, you’re correct in that you could register users via API.)

In the same vein of handling this via API, there isn’t exactly another way to ensure that you can designate the users display name upon joining, programmatically. Having said that, if you haven’t already, I might recommend reaching out to our Technical Support team—they may have some additional recommendations to make in terms of what can be accomplished in the Zoom Client or via the Web Portal. You can reach out to them directly, here.


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