Publishing a Windows desktop app with Zoom integration (API+SDK)

We want to integrate Zoom functionality into our existing WPF desktop app.
Our app will consume the Zoom API (JWT, we don’t think we need OAuth) just to get meeting details, and SDK c# wrapper to do meeting functionality (start meeting, start self-presenting, etc.).

  1. If we want to share our application with this new Zoom integration to a customer, does it need to be published in the Marketplace or can we manage our own distribution?
  2. Right now we are using developer accounts (keys and secrets) for the integration. If our customers buy a Zoom enterprise account, can they pass their account-level access (email, key and secret for API and SDK) to our app (with the proper security in place, of course) so the Zoom integration works?

Which version?
SDK C# wrapper v4.6.21666.0428
Zoom API 2.0.0


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Hi @AdrianWithAnA,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Based on your questions:

Currently SDK apps cannot be published to the Marketplace so as long as you agree with the license agreement that comes with each SDK package, you could manage your own distribution.

You could create sub-account for your customers or you could tell your customers how to use their account with your SDK app. SDK itself does not have any constraints on this.

Hope this helps. Thanks!