Question about voicemail webhook download_url

When we receive a webhook for phone.voicemail_received, it includes a download_url in the payload. Attempting to go to this url in a web browser returns a 406 Not Acceptable error. Who/what is this download url intended for? Its format is

I can’t find this url in the api documentation.

phone.received_voicemail documentation

Hey @ben6,

Good question—I believe you will need to be the call/voicemail owner in order to use the download_url without an access token.

If this is a voicemail recording for a user under your account, you should be able to append the following to the end of the download_url:
?access_token={JWT or OAuth token}

Can you let me know if that gives you better luck?

Hmmm we’re not exactly logging in with OAuth so I don’t have an access token to use. These events create tickets in our ticketing system. I’d like to be able to produce a link to go to the voicemail within the ticket. Is there a scheme/url we can use to create a link that opens the voicemail in the Zoom app for an authorized user?

Hey @ben6,

Thanks for clarifying—if you aren’t utilizing OAuth, you can add authorization via JWT as well. One of these will be required to download the recording programmatically. You can grab a token from your account’s JWT app by following these steps.

We don’t currently have a URL scheme for voicemail download, though this is a great suggestion.

Let me know if this helps—thanks,

Ah, I didn’t notice that option. Yeah, some link/scheme to open the zoom app up to their voicemail would be the easiest since it would rely on the Zoom app’s authentication and permission checks. Then we wouldn’t have to do hardly anything. But this should work for now as well.


Thanks for the suggestion in regards to adding schema/URL support for launching voicemail @ben6 — we are constantly expanding our Zoom Phone capabilities and I’ll be happy to share this with our team.

Glad that the JWT token will work for now, though. :slight_smile:


I am also spinning up basically the same thing, glad there is an option now. using a launch URI would definitely be a big plus :+1:

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Thanks for the feedback, @mtoole !

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