Rate limits on joining meetings/webinars?

Hey @travis.boswell,

I will update you once we know the root cause and are working on a solution. :slight_smile:

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Hey @tommy,

We are very near to running an event with 300+ participants through the WebSDK. I’ve just come across this thread and would like to confirm whether this is ongoing or resolved?

If it is ongoing, are there measures we can take to reduce the risk of this issue such as spreading our users across multiple JWT Apps, or using a different version of the SDK?


Hey @alfieb,

We have not received any new reports about this issue. I am confirming with engineering to see if this is resolved. In the meantime please let me know if you run into this issue.


Hey @tommy,

My company has many virtual events that run from July to December 2020.
And we use the Zoom Web SDK with 1000+ participant on website, but since July we are facing the same problem to join.

A brief description of our account:

One PRO Account has multiple users to manage.

=> Today, these 3 of 5 accounts run meeting parallel as hosts on the Zoom Apps.
=> attendees join from the website to 3 meetings ( with same API Key & API Secret JWT from PRO Account )
=> when the number of participants reached more than 300
=> an error will appear, but a few hour later can rejoin (this over and over again)


method: “join”,
status: false,
result: “No permission.”,
errorMessage: “Fail to join the meeting.”,
errorCode: 1

Which version ?

Also, 300 or 1000 license for web sdk limit ?

I’ve been following this thread ever since, but it seems unresolved until now.
We have many complain about this issue. How can we take to reduce the risk of this issue ?.

Sorry for my bad English :).


Hey @wayaragil,

Thanks for reporting this. Our Web SDK engineers are looking into this issue. In the meantime, if you still see the errors starting around 300 participants, I suggest using the Zoom App so you can have more participants join.


Thanks @tommy for your reply in advance.

I hope this problem is resolved soon, because the zoom web sdk is the main feature on our website. So, Zoom App is our last choice :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Hey @wayaragil,

You are welcome! I will post back here as soon as we have an update! :slight_smile:

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@tommy @wayaragil Hi.
Are webinars still capped at 300 max attendees via Web Sdk, even if the hosts are running Zoom App?

Hey @rossy ,

The cap is related to your Webinar plan. :slight_smile:


@tommy Max number of people on Web SDK call - #3 by rossy mentions that Web SDK can support a few hundred people for a regular Zoom meeting. For Webinar meetings, can it reliably go above 300, assuming I have the correct package plan? Am looking to run 9,000 on a Zoom Webinar, all ran via Zoom Web SDK. Will this be possible?

Hey @rossy ,

Yes, the Web SDK supports the number of attendees you can have in a webinar based on your plan.

However, the Web SDK does lack some features that the Zoom App has, like HD video quality, and limited browser support browser.


I have found an issue with this that seems to be causing a serious problem. This really makes no sense why it works the way it does.

The account has a limit of 100 participants. When the page loads with the web sdk, it shows an “X-RateLimit-Limit” of 100 in the headers, which I would expect. However, say the meeting has not yet started… if the user keeps forcing a browser refresh of the page, the “X-RateLimit-Remaining” value continues to drop!

I can see it is at 87… refresh the full page and it is 83… refresh again it is 79, then 75, then 72… etc. It is one user continuing to refresh the page, eventually blocking other users from joining because the “X-RateLimit-Reset” value will not be reset for another hour.

I don’t see how this is correct and would severely limit the accessibility of meetings and webinars for the full amount of users allowed by the account. Please advise, thanks.

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I would also like to add I see the same behavior for a user who is waiting for a meeting or webinar to start, and continually clicks the “Retry” button presented in the web app. If the user clicks enough times, the rate limit remaining reaches zero and the user gets a “Rate Limit Exceeded” error.

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Hey @sg_dev ,

Thanks for sharing this with us. I have passed this on to our Web SDK Engineers to investigate. (CS-3094) :slight_smile:


Where are we with this issue? Still having lots of problems with it. Also is this issue related? It sounds similar: Web SDK isn't allowing 500 participants to join

Hey @sg_dev,

Thanks for following up. The last information we heard from our engineering team is that we do not decrease the counter on retry attempts. This is consistent with what I expect from the Web SDK due to the fact that we leave the socket open for up to 5 minutes while we attempt to reconnect to the client.

Further, refreshing the page doesn’t increase the amount of participants returned in reports or via dashboard (API or Web Portal).

This leads me to believe that there may be something else going on here. First, please test with the Sample Web App and let me know if you see the same behavior. If so, I think it would be good to set up a meeting to go over the issue and potentially troubleshoot it live.

If you would like to schedule a meeting with me, please send an email to developersupport@zoom.us with a link to this thread.