Recording tab is not available in the Add Events section

Hi Team,
We are trying to create a connected app (OAuth App) in zoom marketplace where we are trying to configure Event subscription in the app to receive real time notifications from zoom when a meeting transcript is completed. In order to achieve the same, we would need to select the Recording Transcript files have completed option under recordings section while configuring the event.
However, we could observe that the Recording tab is not available in the Add Events section (screenshort attached below). It is however available in the app that was created before the zoom release for granular scopes was done.

Requesting you to kindly help us out on why this option is not visible in the app.

Pranav R D

@PranavRD Hope you will be fine.

This issue is internal bug and already Zoom Teams is working there.


Hi @MaxM @gianni.zoom,

I’m just tagging you based on conversations from other threads. I’m sorry if this is not the best way to reach out. We completed our development to create a connected app in Zoom’s marketplace a month ago based on the classic scopes. But post the change of granular scopes by Zoom, we couldn’t find the corresponding scopes for “post-transcript availability webhook”. This has become a blocker for us to proceeding further to register our app in the marketplace and we are not left with another alternative to revisit our solution.

If there is any update on the availability of this fix or an alternative, that would help us to take things further.

Hi @psambaraju if you created the app with classic scopes, you should see the classic scopes still. This is the current list of granular scopes that should be presently available:

Edit: Regarding the cloud recording scopes which should be there, there is a fix that should be deployed soon for those (ZOOM-696701).

2nd edit: Fix completed May 2.

Thanks for the swift response @gianni.zoom! We are planning to create a new connected app for our Production which is where we came across this gap.

Do we have any ETA for this fix to be available? We will make our release plans accordingly.

Hi @psambaraju , still waiting for a conclusive date. Thank you greatly for your patience!

@PranavRD @psambaraju

It is fixed now.


I have been following this issue and can confirm that the ‘Recording’ tab is now available to me.

I have posted a similar issue but for the ‘Zoom Room’ tab here. Missing Zoom Room Webhook Event Scopes S2S App - #2 by egerhardt

Any estimate on when the ‘Zoom Room’ tab might be added back in?

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Hi @egerhardt , thank you for sharing. I did not see that, but will check in with the team about Zoom Rooms! I will respond on the thread you opened since this will close soon.