[Resolved with 1.7.4+] Web SDK / Web Client from browser: 403 Forbidden

very fishy. will cancel all my meetings while the web client isn’t working, it’s a liability having my team installing this proprietary insecure software on their machines.


Any Update? still 403 forbidden to me :frowning:

Having a first big event today and get 403 forbidden…

Estou com o mesmo problema no brazil… Impactando 1M de pacientes.

Maintenance of Zoom’s Web Client

Resolved - Zoom will be placing the Web Client into maintenance mode and take this part of the service offline. This will also impact users utilizing Zoom’s Web SDK. This will have no impact on users utilizing Zoom’s desktop or mobile application.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Pls. Fix it ASAP :cry:

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Under Maintenance mode


SAME, app shows the same error 104103. never connects even though the net spped is good. but never catches internet in my laptop neither phone

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same problem since morning

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We are facing the same problem.

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from more than a week, faced 104103 errors yet web browser was going fine. but from this morning. this 403 forbidden. im so over this. my presentation going to come soon. instead of getting popularity bc of coronavirus. just be responsible for what is happening. neither your tollfree numbers works unless youre having premium version. come on , not interested to spend bucks on this trash
really dissapointed

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We have the same issue trying to join a meeting using Web SDK

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hey can you explain what is web SDK

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Really fishy. Forcing users to use the proprietary client that was shown to be insecure instead of the one that could work in the browser and woudn’t be privacy invasive to the system or a security liability. Will withdraw my team from zoom until this is fixed. Unprofessional to make changes this big in production considering the situation.

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@tommy Pls, give us official statement: will websdk api be restored or it will remain offline forever (for some long period of time)?


Thanks! I have already shared with many more.

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This is honestly ridiculous, how could it go offline in the middle of the day for maintenance. We have events running and are in a frenzy here. This is not good.

Hey everyone,

We are working to get the Zoom Web Client and Zoom Web SDK back online. Please keep up with our status page for detailed updates: status.zoom.us

The best workaround is to use the Zoom Desktop / Mobile app.

Just include the Zoom meeting join url (https://zoom.us/j/meetingID) on your site rather than showing the websdk / iframe. Clicking on the join url will open the Zoom meeting in the Zoom app.

Apologies for the inconvenience,


The communication around this has been very confusing. The status page marks this as “resolved” and your message above as the “solution” and yet this major part of your service remains down. What’s more, there has been no advance warning about this and no indication of how long it’s meant to last. It’s difficult if not impossible to know from what has been said here if this is intentional or some kind of technical problem that will be solved.

Either way it certainly doesn’t feel solved or resolved at all.


is there any more information on this in regards to timeline. We run classes (111 hosts) over the weekend using the web sdk, this is something we need to know sooner rather than later to work around!