Retrieve past meeting registrant total

I am using the following endpoint to retrieve meeting list and I expect to see a field like registrant_count.

However, since I can’t see this information in the meeting list, I am making separate calls to /meetings/:meetingId/registrants for each meeting in this the previous data set.

Is there a way to get how many registrants a meeting has without making a separate call to to another endpoint for each meeting?

What am I missing?


Hey @smozgur,

You will need to call the Get Registrants API and the Get Participant report or Participant Joined Webhook and map the results on the user_email or id to see the past meeting registrant total.

Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 4.43.57 PM


Thanks, @tommy

Sure, I’ve been playing with all of these endpoints for the last couple days. Actually my question was about getting the registrant count as a single field in a data set in the meeting list in the requested date range. But now as I understand Zoom API better and its really “amazing” structure, and I know this is not a question to be answered. I am asking for the impossible from Zoom system.

Actually I even hijacked two other questions to get an answer for a semi-related question, “finding participants of an occurrence of a meeting to match the registrants vs participants” question. You are also in all these threads in case you could have time to revisit. Other than that, I almost gave up already.

Thanks again for helping.

Hey @smozgur,

Sorry to hear you are having trouble. I will reply to you in the listed threads.


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