Salesforce integration issue : campaign is not created for each webinar


I’ve setup the Salesforce integration which is effective.

My zoom user login and salesforce username is the same. This salesforce user is admin + marketing user and has been granted the zoom admin permission set.

Please note that i’ve changed the zoom user’s email to be set to same salesforce email AFTER i’ve setup the integration.

I’ve check the “Create Campaign for each Webinar” in the salesforce zoom settings / Zoom webinar settings

For now, all webinars created in zoom are not created in Salesforce.

What is the issue ?

How To Reproduce
Nothing is happening so i can’t tell :slight_smile:

Thank you for your support

Hello @integration1

Please reach out to the support information provided by the app developer, we do not have resources for specific app support on the devforum.

Regards, Kwaku

Hi Kwaku,

Thank you for your answer.
I’ve submitted a ticket to the Zoom support team that told me to create one on this developer forum… So now i’m lost all the more that the app is created by zoom so who can support me on this ???
Here is the app

Hello @integration1

That’s fully understood, from my understanding, the support team would help but this level of support requires a support plan. On the dev forum, we are limited to a degree when it comes to app-specific support, unlike the support team. I would suggest purchasing one of the support plans and one of the support team members would definitely help you get this resolved.

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