Scheduling Zoom Meetings using basic license and then updating the host to a pro license before start of the meeting

This is my scenario:

I am making a spring-boot application for scheduling zoom meetings. I have 3 pro zoom licenses. I also have many basic users. Suppose a basic user schedules a meeting. Later I upgrade that user to have a pro license right before the start of the meeting. Will the meeting be longer than 40 minutes?

Suppose I make a user as a pro user for a short time just to schedule a meeting then make then a basic user after scheduling the meeting. Right before the start of the meeting I again make them licensed. Would the meeting be longer than 40 minutes?

@sahilsahucode ,

If you are intending to do so, it might violate the terms of service for license sharing.

Alternatively, you might want to consider the ISV Program, if you are intending to run / integrate your solution on Zoom Meeting

Can you direct me to the terms? Also, would it even be possible to do something like that?

@sahilsahucode ,

this is the error code which you will encounter, terms of use is found withink the link