Zoom Basic (Free) License Usage

We are using Zoom pro licence for our web API. Also we have multiple basic license users in our zoom account. We want to implement one on one video meeting feature in our application using basic licences and our application is a paid service for our customers. All the basic licenses belongs to us only, we are providing these licenses dynamically to our application users when they want to initiate a meeting. We are just using basic account personal meetings with 40 minute limitation. Is there any restriction to use zoom basic (free) accounts in paid applications?

Hi @kushal.pandey ,

Thanks for using Zoom! Sales will b your best bet here: Contact Sales - Zoom , but I think it should be fine as long as you’re issuing meetings within the parameters of what is available through the Zoom plan you purchased. Your customers would have business directly with you and not Zoom, but I do not think it matters since you’ll be hosting the meeting with your licenses.


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