See if a join_url was used?

Is it possible to find out if the join_url returned by the API was ever used?

We use the API to register attendees to a webinar, then automatically redirect them to the join_url. Recently however, users have ended up with each others’ names. I’m trying to determine if our system could be serving the same url to multiple users. My assumption is that the join_url encodes the user’s name, so two users using the same url would join the meeting with the same name.

For example, our system shows that 32 users were registered and redirected to a webinar this morning. The registrations show correctly in the Zoom API Call Logs. But then on the Zoom Dashboard, we see 40 attendees (some dropped/rejoined is why there are more) but only 16 unique names. Each unique name is used between 1 and 6 times, with different IPs and sometimes different devices.

We use a JWT to authorize requests, in a C# ASP.NET application running on IIS in Azure.

The endpoint returning the join_url is webinars/{id}/registrants.

We ran many webinars last year without encountering this issue. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.

I checked the Call Logs, and every registrant got the same join_url, so my above assumption must be incorrect.

Solved it myself. Join urls should be unique (Docs), which is where our problem came from. Our test users all had the same fake email entered in our system, so Zoom thought they were the same registrant.

Now I’m curious why they didn’t all show up as the same name, but that’s not exactly pressing. Hope this helps someone.

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Happy to hear you figured it out @msmith! :slight_smile:

Happy to help with this if you start a new topic! :slight_smile: