ssoCreate method is marking some as pending


I’m creating phone users and doing some configuration like assigning ext, calling_plan and their number via the API.

Using the ssoCreate option and have SSO setup successfully using Azure AD.

For most I am creating, this is working fine, but for more than a small amount of users, they are instead getting the status of pending, with the non-SSO setup flow where Zoom sends an activation email to get them to log in.

Would anyone have clues why that is happening for some?
I’ve checked a few of those users, and they look identical in AD, in the same group I’ve assigned for SSO.
I can’t see why it is picking out those users and ssoCreate is not working for them.

Thanks, Alex

Please check the domain name of the email address domain associated with working users and the email address domain associated with users that are ‘pending’.

Email domains must be verified/associated.