Webhook Events Are Not Working After the App Has Been Published

Recently, our app has been approved and published to the Zoom Marketplace. However, after conducting some internal testing, it appears that the webhook has stopped working and is no longer sending any events to our server, even though the endpoint URL is validated and green.

After searching for some information on the forum, I found this thread: Some of our customers' webhooks are not sent

Looks like it happens occasionally to some customers. Can you help us check why the webhook are not sent?

Also, is there any way to debug the webhook? For example, viewing the history of sent webhooks and the statuses they receive?

This our published app: App Marketplace

Thank you.

@donte.zoom @MaxM Can you please provide assistance here?

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I followed up with you in a PM to get more information.

Currently, we only have this option for Webhook Only apps. For those apps, you can find a log under the Call Log tab of your Marketplace Manage page:

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Good day, @MaxM :wave:

Is there any updates on this?

I apologize for the delay on this. I’m still awaiting an update from one of our SMEs and am pushing for a significant update by EOD.

I heard back from our team who indicated that our service engineering team is continuing to investigate this matter. I’ll be sure to update you here when we have more information.