Some recorded videos are not playing in Chrome browser

Some recorded videos are not playing in chrome browser

The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported

Which Web Client SDK version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Get video URL from Zoom
  2. Start play video through shared URL
  3. Error occured


Device (please complete the following information):

  • OS: [Windows 10]
  • Browser: [ Chrome]
  • Browser Version [91.0.4472.106]

Additional context
Same videos are playing good in Firefox browser.

Hey @adpv,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. It looks like you’re attempting to embed the play_url in your app via an iFrame, is that correct?

If so, you’ll want to redirect your users to the play_url or display it in a child window. Currently, we don’t support using the play_url with an iframe.

I hope that helps!


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