Sort gallery view video feeds in the same order for all users

This is EXTREMELY useful and glad to know that it has been implemented. Fresh out of the oven!

Tried that on 5.2.3 and yes, it’s working!

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I’ve updated my version to be able to use this feature. How does it work?

Duh. I found it. I was looking for something in the controls. Didn’t realize it was as easy as drag and drop! Thank you!

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I’d like to be able to sort the users in various ways. As a teacher, I am logging into my own classroom through two additional devices and having students who are virtual see what is going on in the classroom. I’d like the students in the classroom to see the virtual students as the highest priority. If I could name my classroom Zoom accounts to start with a “z” and sort alphabetically this could happen without me manually reordering each time new students tag in.

I also would like to have a fixed Gallery view that is set before students log in so that it is easy to take attendance, call on students, know exactly where to look if I want to see if a specific student is reacting a certain way to the lesson, without having to drag-and-drop nor have students–who are being bumped out of the meeting and let back in all the time due to internet connection–appearing in a new place each time they re-enter, raise their hand, speak, etc. Being able to arrange by A-Z, Z-A, numeric, or in other specialized, pre-set condition would be helpful for many people, not just teachers.


It’s here:

that’s absolutely a priority! I need a fixed position based on the name as well.

Not only for games, But locking & synchornizing the gallery view would be great for asking each person to comment in a meeting in turn . Useful for keeping people with similar roles at one end of the table. The current Having them move about the screen is way too confusing. hard to see who is there , & who is dropped out. Locking the order would make it easier coping with Zoom Bombers, as it would be clear who is new. !

BUMP! a seriously great feature to be implemented… but… WHEN IS IT COMING OUT

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Sounds great, please when is this happening?