Zoom User Creation and Activation


I am having some issues handling the user creation and activation process in Zoom via the API. I am able to create users via the API but when I try to activate them, I receive an error stating that the account does not exist despite me seeing in it the “Pending” tab of Users.

I found this article stating the ISV team needs to enable something on my account to enable the activation process to work: Create and activate zoom user whithout user interaction - #4 by tommy

I receive this error code on the FreshService Zoom Orchestration when trying to activate the “Pending” account:

{“code”:1001,“message”:“User does not exist: xxxxxx@domain.com.”}

We have SSO and Google sign-on enabled and the SSO is just connecting to Google as well.

Chat support told me to submit a new topic here

@canderson what action are you using to create the user?

If you use the ‘Create’ action you will need the user to manually click the activation link.

You probably want to use the SSOCreate option