Ssue with Zoom Contact Center Smart Embed Integration in React Project


Hi community,

I’d like to share that I’m facing an issue in my React project when I add the iframe of the Smart embed of Zoom contact center to the HTML code index.html :

       sandbox="allow-forms allow-popups allow-popups-to-escape-sandbox allow-scripts allow-same-origin allow-downloads"
       style="height: 300px"

After signing in with OAuth using my Zoom agent account, I encounter the message: “You may not have the correct integration configured. Please contact your administrator.”

If someone can assist me in identifying the prerequisite configurations in the admin account, it would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Firas.,

This is not related to your React code, but rather to the settings on your Zoom account.

Can you complete the steps below?

  1. Open a Zoom Support case and request that the “Enable Smart Embed Integration” feature is enabled on your account?
  2. Once enabled by Support, configure Smart Embed on your Contact Center account by navigating to Contact Center Management > Integrations, clicking Add and configuring the Smart Embed.
  3. Assign Smart Embed to your agents, navigate to Contact Center Management > Users, find the agents that will use Smart Embed and assign their Client Integration setting to Smart Embed.



Hi Justin,

Thank you for exactly what I needed.

I have a simple question: when is the next update for the Smart Embed contact center scheduled to add additional functionality such as video and SMS?

Also, I noticed in the web interface that the Voice call functionality is present, but the chat function does not appear.

Hi Firas,

Webchat support in the ZCC Smart Embed also needs to be enabled by Zoom Support. Can you submit a request to have the “Enable Webchat in CTI Connector” feature enabled.


P.S. SMS and Video are not yet available in Smart Embed, so there is no feature option for those two channels at this time.

Hi Justin,

I would like to thank you for your support. And If there are any other functionalities that need to be requested, please inform me
Best Regards,