The app is not being activated in the meeting when the meeting is started from within the app

We are developing an app that is capable of starting a meeting. It is important for our use case that the app is activated in-meeting when the meeting is started from within the app. This works fine on all platforms except for the iOS.
When calling
zoomSdk.launchAppInMeeting({ joinURL });
the meeting is started, but the app is not started in-meeting.

How To Reproduce

  1. Create a Zoom app
  2. Launch app inside iOS Zoom client
  3. Call zoomSdk.launchAppInMeeting({ joinURL }); from the main interface

Expected result: The meeting is started and the app is launched in-meeting
Actual result: The meeting is started, but the app is not launched in-meeting


Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. Are you encountering any errors when calling zoomSdk.launchAppInMeeting({ joinURL }) from the main interface? Additionally, please provide the version of the Zoom App you are using for deployment. This information will help me understand the complete context.


The iOS API you are attempting to call is only accessible for clients running version 5.10.6 or higher. Could you please verify if the error you are encountering is due to the client version? Additionally, please note that the API does not support guest mode.

Hi @donte.zoom ,
We are testing on Zoom iOS app v.5.15.7, so the error should not be related to the app version.
The call itself does not return any error, the meeting is started, but the app does not show in the meeting.

@donte.zoom ,
I apologize for the late reply.
The zoomSdk.launchAppInMeeting({ joinURL }) is called from the main interface.

@mcfly ,
Can you share a screenshot of how you were calling zoomSdk.launchAppInMeeting({ joinURL }) from the main interface?

Hi @donte.zoom ,
we have made a screencast showing how the app behaves on iOS.
Do not see an option to embed the video, so here is the link: Video_20231010_134452_796_1.mp4 - Google Drive
Please notice the app icon in the bottom right corner of the in-meeting UI.
On Android, the behaviour is different - the app interface is opened in meeting, and that is the desired behaviour for our use case. See the second video:
Screenrecorder-2023-10-10-16-22-04-507.mp4 - Google Drive

Thank you for sharing those videos! It appears that on iOS, the app interface is not opening in meetings as expected, unlike on Android. However, I do see the studio recording icon by Cinemaker appearing in the lower right-hand corner. Can you please clarify if the issue is that the app interface is not opening at all, causing the app to not work as expected? Or is it that the Cinemaker app is actually working, meaning it is recording the meeting, but not opening in the same way as the Android version? You can provide more details on the intended workflow and user experience you are looking to achieve?

Please the snippet code of how you were calling zoomSdk.launchAppInMeeting({ joinURL }) from the main interface in the iOS and Android ?

Hi @donte.zoom ,
The problem is despite the icon is shown, the application does not actually work until a user taps that icon.
The code is the same on iOS and Android.

Apps SDK version:
image (4)

Hi @donte.zoom , do you have any updates regarding this issue?

Any updates on that ? I have the same issue. @donte.zoom could you please help, issue reproduced only on iOS devices

@m.yelakova ,

Sorry for the delayed response. Can you provide more details about the behavior you’re experiencing? Is this issue occurring with a specific app only, or have you noticed it with other apps as well?

@mcfly ,

I think I may have misunderstood your workflow. It appears you are using the Zoom App, not programmatically trying to open an app. Could you provide more details about your workflow and the URL used in your code? When I tested the Studio Recorder for Zoom, by Cinamaker on iOS, the behavior you described seemed to be expected. The workflow may differ slightly due to the operating system, but the result seems consistent across devices. Please let me know if I’ve overlooked something or if you can provide further details about your requirements.

Hi @donte.zoom did you try Studio Recorder for Zoom, by Cinamaker on iPhone? On MacOS and Android devices it works perfectly but on iPhone instead of launched app instance (like we have on the others platforms) inside the active meeting we able to see only app icon. If we tap on this icon app instance will expand and we will be able to get all information about active meeting. But the idea is run app instance inside the active meeting programmatically. It looks like launchAppInMeeting method works perfectly on different platforms and devices except an iPhone. I’ve tried as a workaround expandApp method but it does not help.

Yes, I tested it on an iPhone 13. Could you share the exact steps you took to reproduce this on your end? I want to make sure I am not missing anything. This is my first time using Studio Recorder for Zoom, by Cinamaker, so I’m not familiar with how the iOS experience should be. I understand that the workflow is consistent on MacOS and Android, but I’m unsure if there might be an underlying reason for that particular workflow.

Also, note that the application was developed by Cinamaker. If there’s a bug, it needs to be reported to their support team, as they are the developers. Here is their contact form.

I created a video from meeting start. The problem is app instance inside the meeting was not opened programmatically by launchAppInMeeting. Only click on app button helps. But it works correct on Android and Windows
Последовательность 01_1

Hi @donte.zoom any updates on this?

Thanks for following up on this, @m.yelakova! For this issue, you should report it to the Cinamaker Zoom App team, as they maintain this app. If the app is not functioning as expected, they would be the ones to fix any issues with their current deployment.

You can submit a support request for Cinamaker here :

Please let me know if this helps or if you need further clarification.

Hi Donte, I am a member of Cinamaker Zoom app team, and we are not able to fix this issue from our side. It looks like some odd behaviour difference between different platforms in Zoom client app. It works fine on all platforms except for iOS, where the app is simply not activated when entering a meeting. That’s why this question was originally asked here

@donte.zoom any updates on this?