Trying to create app that can send additional video/audio streams to Zoom

Standard webcams create a single video stream. The Zoom client app(s) currently use the webcam video stream to create a single video stream for each web conf participant.

I have a webcam type device that generates multiple video streams (one for each person in the room), and I am trying create a desktop application to send the additional video streams to the Zoom web conf.

I need to find out which SDK calls (from the Zoom Video SDK or Zoom Meeting SDK) can be used to send video to the Zoom web conf. I need either:

  • some example code for sending a video stream to the Zoom conf
  • a list of SDK calls that need to be invoked, and what order they need to be called in

Does anyone know where I might find this?

Which Web Video SDK version?

Hey @rdb-dev ,

If your camera is a camera source, it should work as a camera device with both the Web Video and Meeting SDK.

With the Web Meeting SDK, the user using that camera device would have to choose which camera they want to use in the SDK UI.

With the Video SDK, you can programmatically choose the camera, but as a reminder, the Video SDK does not connect to Zoom Meetings/Webinars.

Let me know if that helps! :slight_smile:


That only allows me to select a single video stream (ie: the webcam). The camera device that I am working with is capable of outputting MULTIPLE video streams (1 for each person in the camera’s field of view). I am trying to find a way to send ALL of the video streams that are created by this camera device to the Zoom video conference, as if they were people who are each sitting at a separate computer and attending the Zoom meeting.

Hey @rdb-dev ,

Interesting. Does the camera device have multiple camera ID’s? If so, you can supply the device ID to the switchCamera function to choose the one you want for each rendered video: Stream | @zoom/videosdk


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